Oh, our S-Plank is a special one. Take your buffet to new levels with this serving solution. We take those levels literally: stack the matching S-Cubes as a base for the S-Plank to create an elevated presentation platter. Tapas, bread rolls, meats dishes, …You choose the height and the shape of the platter to compose the buffet of your dreams.

S-Planks are made from polyester and have a textured surface to provide better grip and give a natural look and feel. We care for easy maintenance in all our products, so they are safe for your dishwasher and high-resistant (we give you a 5-year warranty against breakage).

Dream big, all is possible

Whatever dish you want to serve on your buffet, all will be possible thanks to the many sizes and shapes. We now even have a tray for pizzas and a bruschetta presentation plate. Bon appétit!

Ultra strong

Matt and structured surface

Personalisation possible

Dishwasher-safe, more than 3 times a day

5-year warranty against breakage

Front and back printed

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