Polyester trays

When talking polyester, we talk heavy duty. We serve them with a breakage warranty, that’s how confident we are in these serving trays. The glass fibres make them incredibly strong so they keep their form throughout years of industrial dishwashing, several times a day.

The Roltex polyester trays offer solutions for every taste: the natural-looking and Grain with their ultra-resistant surface are both great choices. Or opt for the classic look with our glossy range. It goes without saying we can personalise them with your logo.

Treat them well

When youtreat correctly, our trays will stay with you for a long time. So be carefuldropping them or knocking them against a hard surface, because the tray mightchip or crack. Ouch…


Stacking lugs and gliding rails

Anti-slip available

Dishwasher-safe, more than 3 times a day

Personalisation possible

Matt structured (Dura/Grain) and glossy surface available

"A serving tray is a visible asset
for your company. It's the first item
our customers come into contact
with day after day.”

Christophe Maes
BC One

“In a self-service restaurant,
it is important that the trays can
take a beating. Even after four years,
the trays are still in perfect condition.”

Peter Delanoy
Corda Cuisine
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