Plastic Trays

Writing a short intro for our plastic trays is quite a challenge. The advantages are countless and the composition varies from bio-plastic to PP to ABS to … whatever innovation brings us in the future. What all the plastic trays have in common though, is that they are incredibly tough and long-lasting. We have them in all sorts of sizes, shapes and the craziest colours on the planet. A recent innovation in this collection, is our Paturel eco-tray with visible wood fibers, to add an extra touch of authenticity.

Make it personal

You can personalise the whole plastic range with your logo in a tampon print. For certain models we can work with an exquisite in-mould label (IML).

100% recyclable and reusable

Dishwasher safe up to limited temperature

Personalisation possible

Available in PP, ABS, HIPS

Eco-tray with 40 to 45% of wood fibers

Pick the right material for your needs

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