Laminate trays

Did you know that laminate trays are made from layers of papers? Cool, right? Did you know they are scratch-resistant and we can add an anti-slip? And even customise them? Keep on reading, we’ve got more. Are you looking for a sustainable solution? Then you’ll be happy to hear that every tray from the laminate collection is available in a bio-resin version. The choice is yours, Roltex will make it happen.

Only stack when dry

Our (not so) secret trick is to stack trays when they are dry. If they are still moist or damp, the water will go into the tray and make them crooked. So, take our advice and enjoy your trays for years.

Matt and structured

Serving tray, 70% made of paper

Dish-washer safe, up to 3 times a day

Edge-to-edge print

Personalisation possible

Anti-slip available

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