Earth tray

We are proud to introduce you to our Earth tray collection, a true masterpiece on many levels. First of all, these ecological serving trays are 90% made of renewable and sustainable materials. Second, we have made them available for a large market thanks to the wide range of sizes that can each be personalised according to your style. Did we mention the edge-to-edge print already?

Lastly, we don’t make compromises on looks and design in this eco-friendly collection. A great example is our most recent trend collection "Lights of nature". Our Design Lab has defined 6 refined watercolours that each represent a moment of the day: sunrise, noon, sunset, fall, dusk and night.

Turn the tray around

We engrave the backside of the serving tray with the ‘Earth tray’ logo so your customers know you actively choose for ecofriendly solutions. Rather have your own print on the back? Yes we can.


Matt and structured surface

Personalisation possible

Dishwasher-safe up to 3 times a day

Edge-to-edge print

Anti-slip available

Only stack when dry

Our (not so) secret trick is to stack trays when they are dry. If they are still moist or damp, the water will go into the tray and make them crooked. So, take our advice and enjoy your trays for years.

"Serving organic, vegetable and healthy food on a typical plastic tray, that’s not possible. We discovered the Earth Tray Puro. It’s a gem: it feels natural and is 90% ecological.”

Gregory Verellen
Le Botaniste

“Roltex’ new environmentally friendly Wave tray grabbed my interest. The attractive design, the natural wood look and the branding possibilities complete the picture.”

Gary Legrand
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