Collaborate with Roltex

What extra services can Roltex offer?

First of all, you can trust on Roltex for the best quality serving trays. And we think bigger. That’s why we have founded Roltex Plus, where you can find a larger assortment of catering and food service products. Our Design Lab and CleanTray services are also unique in the market. We are constantly expanding our services, so keep an eye on Roltex.

How does a collaboration with Roltex work?

We love to pamper you and advice you in your purchases from A to Z. We source and manufacture for the right products that meet your needs, think along in the design of your trays, make sure the products are impeccably made and as quickly as     possible delivered. All in Europe, by the way.

How can I request a quote?

It’s not original, but effective: we have a contact form for all questions related to quotations. Let us know what you are looking for, how much you need and if/how you want to personalise the trays so we can serve you the best answer. 

How do I find a Roltex dealer?

Roltex has a worldwide ‘family’ of dealers. Just send us message via the contact form so we can get you in contact  with the best dealer in your region.

Can you make trays with my own PMS colours?

Absolutely! In the production process, colours will be printed in CMYK and will be especially mixed for you. Our printer has tons of experience and will always find the perfect  match you are looking for. We work with Pantone Coated or Uncoated     colours, the Design Lab can arrange the special editions for you.

How does the Design Lab work?

The Roltex Design Lab is a hidden gem that runs on creativity. Our team will think along with you to create the most awesome tray concept ever. This FAQ topic is just too short to tell it all, so we invite you to discover more on the Design Lab page.

Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, we do! And it’s actually not all about trays this time. You can also find all food service products we offer with Roltex Plus in it. Dig into the catalogue here

Is there a Roltex showroom we can visit?

We would love to meet our clients in person. So yes, we have a showroom ready for you. The only thing we ask is to make an appointment on sales@roltex.be so we know you are coming and we can make sure the coffee is ready. You can find our address here.

Roltex dealers

How can I become a Roltex dealer?

Thank you for interest! We would love to welcome you to the Roltex Family. Please send us a request via our contact form and we will get back you in no time.

I am a Roltex dealer, where can I log in?

Let’s guide you to RoltexPlus, that’s where you have access to the full range. Don’t have a login yet or you lost it? Just let us know and we’ll sort it out for you in the blink of an eye.

About Roltex

I know Roltex, but what is Roltex Plus?

Good question! We are here with Roltex to inspire you and transfer this mission to our dealer network, the Roltex family. They can count on us with Roltex Plus. Roltex Plus is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of durable plastic food service products,     so that our dealers can offer a complete solution to their customers and this for various sectors.

What does Roltex do in terms of sustainability?

Sustainability is one of our internal values. We are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to take care of our planet. We start with our core: trays that are made to     last. We stay away from the single-use concepts.

When it comes to the materials we use, we have developed the Earth tray, for 90% made of renewable materials. Our laminate series consists for 70% of paper.

Roltex is also working hard on a secret project to give new life to used trays. And we are doing research on waste and rejected trays. Soon more on those!

Lastly, in our production facilities we have installed conscious routines: green power, solar panels, electrical company cars, LED lightning, we sort rigorously and limit waste at all times.

Where are the Roltex trays being made?

We are proud to say all our production happens in Europe. On our site in Erembodegem (Aalst) we produce the Earth trays, Laminate trays, Polyester trays     and S-Plank. Plastic trays (PP, ABS) are being produced with our Belgian partner. Our Greek partner Proplast takes care of the  production of our HIPS trays.

What types of materials are available for the trays?

To meet the most demanding needs of our customers, we have trays in different materials. Ranging from renewable materials, to laminate melamine (70% paper), polyester, PP, ABS and HIPS.

What certificates does Roltex have?

Roltex is BRC certified.

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