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Heavy-duty colours

Even the naughtiest children will be unable to break this crockery! We are launching a new series of virtually unbreakable tableware for intensive use. The Harfield range is made of high strength PC Safe material. Ideal for schools, hospitals or applications for young children. All the items shown can be delivered direct from stock. You want another colour? No problem! An overview of all the colours available is provided at the end of the catalogue. Contact us and ask for the possibilities.


Please click here to discover our assortment in BPA Free

Harfield strengths

  • Safe and unbreakable products
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Available in PC Safe
  • All products comply to EU Food & Drink legislation
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free click here
  • Wide range of colours


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    Keeping hold of your cup

    If you sometimes struggle to hold a glass, these unbreakable cups, with one or two handles, are the solution. Available in a wide range of colours, dishwashersafe and made from PC-safe or BPA-free material. Check out all the accessoires: drinking spouts, saucers, lids, ...

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    View product: Cutlery


    Eating was never such fun

    Young children shouldn't use metal cutlery. older people too many sometimes have difficulty. Discover your ideal ally in our range of unbreakable cutlery. Flexible, sturdy material, for easy, no-mess eating and feeding. Explore here our spoons, knives, forks, .. ans also pasta cutters, scrapers and even a chef's knifel.

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    View product: Bowls


    Brimming with tastiness

    Keeping leftovers sealed, serving a fresh meal or presenting attractive snacks: delve into our range to discoer a suitable bowl round or square, big or small, white or trendy colours: all the bowls are mad from ultra-resistant, hard-wearing materials. And specially designed for easy use.

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    View product: Plates


    Care-free eating

    Eager little fingers at the table? Absent-minded parents? Or just a plate for everyone? These unbreakable plates can take hard knocks. If they crash on the floor you can start dishing out the food again once the plates have been washed. Eating without spilling is possible thanks to the raised edge.

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    View product: Tumblers


    Incredibly strong companions

    If you are looking for beakers that fit well in any hand, why not browse our extensive ranger to discover the ideal beaker for your organisation. Child, teenager or parent. The wide range of models caters for every taste. Nice and bright or simply transparent, big or small, with or without grooves. They all have one thing in common: made from PC Safe or BPA Free material. Unbreakable and hard-wearing!

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    View product: Pitchers


    Never-ending drinking pleasure

    Are glass jugs unthinkable in your professional environment? Discover our unbreakable, sturdy and hard-wearing jugs. Available in bright colours, with or without a lid. With an indication of the sizes.

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