Get ready
to tray

Roltex has been in the hospitality business for decades, constantly listening to our clients so we can improve and expand our services.
Enter: the CleanTray concept!

Ready to use
No wasted time
One supplier does it all

What’s that, CleanTray?

The name of the concept says it all: we offer our trays as usual and we clean them professionally so they are ready to use upon arrival in your restaurant, elderly home, catering concept, …

When serving trays leave our production facility, they must be washed 5 times before you can use them for the first time. It’s a basic routine to guarantee ultimate hygiene. But we know it takes time, valuable time you don’t always have. That’s why we offer taking care of this step completely. Roltex washes your trays in a professional dishwasher line and wraps them in a dust-free and clean environment.

I don’t want to lose time, give me CleanTray

You are just steps away from the perfectly clean serving tray. Contact your dealer, request a quote for the CleanTray service and be sure to mention it when placing the final order. Your dealer will get back to you about all the details and timing.