Jun 30, 2022

From trend to tray – Conscious consuming

Post-pandemic trends are rising and one of them is consciousness in consuming. It’s all about making positive decisions throughout the buying process, with a positive impact on our environment. A shift in consuming behaviour we can only encourage.

From trend to tray – Conscious consuming

Terrazzo, the ultimate upcycling trend

Did you know that in ancient Italy they used leftovers from marble and granite to save money? They poured them into the concrete floors and the small pieces became visible after years of wear and tear. When seeing the beauty of this print, they decided not to hide them into the floors anymore and expose them into the oh so popular terrazzo print. So yes, terrazzo is an upcycling project.


Durable and strong

It’s conscious and it’s a trend print, so we couldn’t resist making a tray of it. What better fit than in our Earth tray, made of 90% renewable material.The surface of these trays is matt and structured to give you a natural feel while using. They will outstand time and daily use, another pillar of our journey towards sustainability and thus conscious consuming.


PS: This on-trend terrazzo print is also available in our polyester Dura line or as a top layer in all our polyester trays.