Sep 21, 2023

Tray trends for the new year

With the new year well under way, it’s high time we talk about trends. And colour, of course, is a big one for us at Roltex. Or as the French would say: tray importante. Are you excited to learn about the ‘colour of 2023’ and what we can conjure up with it? Let’s dive into it!

Tray trends for the new year

Viva Magenta!

Magenta! Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a ‘colour of the year’. For 2023 they chose ‘Viva Magenta’, a vital and strong red with a splash of pink.

Design Lab

When we talk trends, we talk Design Lab. Our designers are happy to serve you lots of exciting ideas to use ‘Viva Magenta’ in your trays.

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Our Design Lab is here to inspire you. Do you want to take advantage of the newest trend to take your trays to the next level? Get in touch today!

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