Sep 21, 2023

A new logo and a new brand name

Time for a refresh of our well-known Roltex brand to inspire our customers even more. We have updated the logo and created a second brand. Let’s tell you more about it.

A new logo and a new brand name

A fresh and minimalist approach

Being creative with trays is what gets us up in the morning. That trait needed to be visualised in our logo and brand style. We made it sleeker and changed the E. Do you see it? It’s three trays, stacked. Our brand colours are strong and sturdy on the one hand and change yearly on the other. You’ll find trend colours in our branding so we are able to change them from time to time. When we say we inspire, we walk the talk.


Let’s introduce you to Roltex Plus

Roltex Plus – We love to serve you

At Roltex Plus we are writing a success story together with our dealers. We reach this goal by building the best assortment, offering the right services and maintaining a warm relationship. Roltex Plus is a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of durable plastic foodservice products, so that our dealers can offer a complete solution to their customers and this for various sectors.

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