Oct 3, 2023

How tray customisation can optimise logistics for Au Privilège

Au Privilège, a nursing home in Haut-Ittre (Belgium), has one strong baseline: ’votre bonheur nous tient à cœur’ ; we care about your happiness. As part of the Anima Group, they strongly focus on quality – both in care and in service. And when you say quality service, you say Roltex.

How tray customisation can optimise logistics for Au Privilège

We recently visited them - not just to see if they are happy with their trays, but also to hear about their operational challenges and brainstorm solutions for the future. Curious to learn more? It only takes a scroll!

Lightweight trays for a happy service

At Au Privilège, all foods and drinks are served on a Roltex tray. It’s how meals are brought to their residents, sandwiches are served at staff meetings, and coffee and cake are carried by visitors in the cafeteria. We asked Maxim Michaud, head chef at Au Privilège, about the most important qualities of a serving tray. “Our main objective? Light weight. Both our staff and visitors have to be able to safely carry the trays. They also have to be big enough and easy to wash.”

The nursing home has been using Roltex trays for years now. Are they still happy with them?

Maxim Michaud: “Yes, definitely! They are very light and easy to use and clean. On top of this, they are very durable. We’ve never had any issues with breakage or other major issues. Our oldest trays are about 10 years old now, and they are still in use.”

Custom colours and prints for more efficiency

At Roltex, we love to serve. That means we even go beyond light and durable trays. For example, we can make trays in any color imaginable. How that could help a nursing home? Maxim Michaud: “Having trays in different colours would be very handy. By giving the trays for each floor a different colour, we could make sure that each floor always has a sufficient amount of trays available. We already do this with our cups and it works really well.”

And if you ask Maxim Michaud, personalised trays would be even more helpful: “It would be very handy if each tray had a unique number corresponding to a unique resident. Everyone has different dietary requirements – from sugar, salt and gluten free to vegetarian. A personalised tray would make it much easier to prepare the right meals and serve them to the right person, or to leave out a meal when a person is temporarily not there.”

What are you looking for in a tray?

A bold print, an advertising slogan, an atypical shape, … Tell us what you are looking for in a tray and we will do everything we can to make it work. Talk to you soon!