Sep 21, 2023

New service alert: welcome CleanTray

Roltex has been in the hospitality business for decades and we are constantly listening to you - our clients - so we can improve our services. Enter: the CleanTray concept!

New service alert: welcome CleanTray

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When a perfectly designed serving tray comes out of production, hygiene standards prescribe to wash every tray 3 times before the initial use. You can do it yourself or Roltex can take care of it. We wash your order in a professional dishwasher line and wrap them in a dust-free and clean environment before shipping them. When you receive your brand-new serving trays, you are immediately ready to go and use them.


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Roltex customers are busy bees, so their time is valuable. To help them be operational as quick as possible, we can take care of the washing as well. That way you would only need to trust on one supplier – us – to take care of design, production, industrial cleaning and delivery. Less worry, more time to focus.


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