Get to know
the Roltex team

Our Mission

A tray is never just a tray

A bold statement that entitles everything we stand for at Roltex. We believe a tray holds countless possibilities and is an excellent way to show and communicate a company’s vision and purpose.

Designed to inspire. Made to last.

Designing and producing the best serving trays, that’s what we have been doing for over 55 years. We keep on investing in innovation in our search to develop products that serve both our customers and the planet. That’s why we want to inspire our community to take their trays to that next level and make more impact.

If the vibe’s
not right,
tray harder.

passion and creativity

When you give us your trust, we give you passion and creativity

Not so far from the Belgian capital of Brussels, in Erembodegem, lies the creative hub and production of Roltex. We are all specialists with a heart for the products we make. An open mindset and communication is key in our daily collaboration to serve you the best way we can. Because we’re such a strong team and work closely with all our distributors, we call ourselves the Roltex family. You can read more about our family history and values on the Roltex Plus website.

Our backbone

Roltex wouldn’t be Roltex without the production teams! These are the true experts that serve you the best quality of serving trays, without compromises.